Logisticon is a CNS / IATA approved air freight forwarder, licensed by the TSA as an Indirect Air Carrier. We send shipments to and from all over the world.

Air Cargo is the fastest and easiest method of shipping internationally. You can send virtually anything, any size, by air.  For shipments of less than about 500 lbs. (depending on destination) it is often your lowest cost method.  Logisticon offers complete door to door service.


Logisticon is an Ocean Freight Forwarder/Ocean Transportation Intermediary licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission.  We can send shipments to and from ports in every country; whether they be full-container load (FCL) or less-than-container load (LCL).


Logisticon is a full service provider for moving your packed personal shipments, from all parts of the USA, to anywhere on earth.  Professionals and students from all over the USA use our services to send items overseas.  We offer the following array of service for personal shipments.


Logisticon has many years of experience in documentation requirements, especially in difficult third world situations.  We routinely handle dangerous goods, and letter of credit documentation. We work with many customs agents domestically and internationally to abide by regulations and minimize the time and money required in the customs process.


Logisticon acts as the broker for major cargo insurers. Through these insurers we can offer full door-to-door coverage for your personal effects, commercial shipments, and may other types of cargo. Full details of the coverage are available in the insurance policy. Commercial cargo generally costs less to insure than personal effects.